Whose Mans is This? Presidential Nominee Edition

Though I admit upfront that I would never vote Republican because of their ideologies, I am not the type of person who denies people the right their own opinions, but as I look at the Republican Presidential Nominee, I think, “Whose mans is this?”

With the current Republican National Convention underway, I find myself contemplating more than ever what the United States of America really stands for, and wondering whether or not these numbers of people in the US really hate difference and see differences in people as the enemy. The reasoning behind the aforementioned statement is that the nominee for the Republicans is Donald Trump, a racist, who wants to build a wall to divide us and Mexico because he feels that Mexicans are criminals. This person, who typically remains unnamed and undiscussed by me– because I believe to entertain evil is to give it power–is using racist and divisional strategies to separate our nation, creating, now, more than I have ever experienced in my lifetime, an “us versus them” mentality. The most surprising thing is that there are so many people on his side! They are eager and willing to display their unfounded hate for an entire group of people.

Another factor contributing to this tumultuous time is the plethora of residual effects from the constant hate that has been uncovered by recent murders of black and Latino men by police as well as the targeted attacks on police officers, which have also resulted in murders. At this point, it is safe to say that the tension that has always existed in our country concerning differences in skin tone, culture and the need for power perpetuate fear that shows itself as hate, and is similar to the tremors prior to the occurrence of an earthquake.

Which is why I find it even more troubling that this racist television star is being upheld by anyone. I am disappointed in America. We are unstable. There is such a xenophobic fear that exists and is being manipulated by the media and the Republican Presidential nominee and his posse. He makes baseless claim after baseless claim feeding on the fear. As an American, I am ashamed to see such hatred displayed as clearly and as purposefully as a Klan hood, but this time in the form of a “Make America Great Again” button.