The Frustration
Why can’t you see
The beauty that lies deep
Not in the image you seek
To be
In the mind
The heart
And spirit of the present being

So few accept the truth
The freedoms
So granted
Only known to few
To set yourself apart
Showcase you…

You lose sight of the view
The vertical perspective
In hindsight
You preach individualism
Vision obscure
In the jungle of uncertainty
Can’t find clarity
To identify
The who, what, where and why
Yet I
Seek to find the variance
Between you

Or her
Each with
The same goal
Same dream
Same drive
Based on superficial examples
Of love and life

You find yourself in search of you
In them
The model
The rapper
The singer
The con-artist
You follow
And you wonder why
You’re confused…

You lost the who
And where
In the what
Society identified
So you diminish your ability
Of ever being able
To answer the question
Who am I?


Quite frankly it took me a long to time to realize just who I was and what I wanted to be.

Where am I and who am I, seem to be questions that take us a lifetime to answer.  I questioned this so many times before I discovered my true passion, my drive and my reason for being.

Honestly, I didn’t want to accept my calling at first.  Such great responsibility was presented to me at the age of 15.  I didn’t want to believe that I could be that influential, and be held accountable for positively impacting lives with words.  But now, my purpose is clear, and I embrace my talent and responsibility.

Part of our inability to identify where we are in life stems from our lack of understanding of ourselves.   Often times we find that we take on views of ourselves, that are merely reflections other’s views of us.  And we tend to model ourselves off cultural expectation and media perceptions of “adequate” or “ideal” behavior and reason.  Not realizing that you will never find who you are and where you are supposed to be this way.

I learned that what and who I am is a direct reflection of what I want to impact, and how I make that impact.  My purpose is to encourage people to identify with himself or herself – to educate about how to love, in general.  I believe that most identify the purpose of life as seeking a life of prosperity.  However, that is not all that life encompasses.  Though prospering is not a bad goal, it contributes to a more selfish ideology.  “I” becomes all that we see, and seek greatness of, therefore “I” misdirects our ability to seek and advocate for self-love, peace and communal growth.  Therefore you may be able to identify who you are and where you are, but not WHY you are.


Photo Credit:

J. Bright, Jr.