What Madness is This

This is the part where you tell him thats it’s going to be okay

He didn’t mean to do it

It happened because you pushed him too far

Same as the other night

When his fist went through the glass of the China cabinet

And same as before that

Now, his fist isn’t as bloody, but some bruising is showing

He says that he doesn’t understand why the walls are like paper

And you say they don’t make apartments like they used to

His tears cover a smile

Your tears cover your heart

He punched a wall

And you’re apologizing

He put a big hole in your home, one too big for a picture frame to conceal

And you’re the one apologizing

He looked right through you, pushing you back as he charged for his mother

He screamed at her as she stared wide-eyed with a stream flowing from her eyes

And he hit you

He didnt mean to

But he hit you nontheless

And you apologized

You did so while he was crying because of all the men he’s known who did the same

What about all the women you know?

He punched the wall with his flesh

But it might has well have been with steel

It might as well have been himself

For you can see him crumbling

And you have to pick up the pieces

Even though it’s not your fault

You still say you’re sorry