Waves, Until They Weren’t

How bizarre it is to live on Earth.
How your life can flip in an instant.
How you think you have vision,
but your sight is actually muffled from sleep,
from believing that enough is all you deserve.
You remain blinded in a puddle of selling yourself short.
The illusion. The mysteries of our world.
The fine, near invisible line
that only some are lucky enough to notice and conquer.

It’s like this:
I was living in waves,
a powerful body of water flowing,
crashing, pulling me down,
immersing my lungs with emptiness.
Forcing my head under water.
There was a time that I thought
I’d end up on the ocean floor,
corroded by salt.

Waves. Until they weren’t.
Until I looked closer.
Woke up. Stopped pretending.
Only then, did I notice I should emerge from the sea.
I should be miles high, peering down at the waves.
I need the clouds. I am amazed at my lack of vision.
Stumped at my inability to
recognize the truth for so long.
It’s ok, though. The sky sang for me and I noticed life.
The clouds wrapped me so intimately
that comfort entered my soul
through every open space it could find.
The wind expressed beautiful words.
Commanded my attention.
I’m held up by my wrists so my eyes could see.
The stars surround me.
They are infinite.



Photo Credit:
Lanaya: @writing.for.the.calm