I want to break free.

Shouting out loud,

yet not being heard.

walking aimlessly just to break free.

I wish i was like the fish in the ocean,

I want to fly like the eagle in the sky.

But why do i feel like i am going in the wrong direction?

Perhaps i am in the wrong crowd?

or did i choose the wrong fight?

I have to break free

I want to be free.

But why can’t i be?

is it that society

got a grip on me?

or have i locked myself in a cell?

If so then where is the key?

I have to break free

Let me turn around

and walk my own path.

No more following them,

Better they follow me.

I got it clear now

no more clouds in the sky,

no more mud in the water,

i found my salvation.

I am walking my way to that place

where i can be me

where i can be free.