#urbanBW: we can start with the treasure hunt!

Walking through the streets of the city, curiously, you can see the binary rhythm of black/white that runs through the daily live of people.

The rhythm pulsates through the sidewalks, the stones underneath the trees, the asphalt and the crosswalks, the lampposts, cars, and tanks.

It’s and excellent exercise for our pencils and pens on a paper sheet, to observe how life around us influences what we’re going to draw.

Urban Art also can be this: two opposite colors, rather two non-colors: one- the absence of light and the other- the embodiment of all colors. They dance, sensually, mingling together while we run to the office and when we are going home.

Using my iPhone, I enjoy searching for these specific colors (black and white) and examining how this theme is prevalent within the urban particulars, and I like to observe in a new way what passes before my eyes. I don’t really perceive because I am in a deep meditation of the monotony of observance.

I call for you to begin with White and Black: What Do you see around you? I would love if you photographed the White and the Black details of your city and your home.

Here is a drawing inspired by the street, in black and white, after some days of observation:

Attention, please! Not black and white photos! But details in black and white of your colored cities.
Use the hashtag #urbanBW on Instagram, and we can start with the treasure hunt!
Let us unite in a great rhythmic puzzle!