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After all this time,
At the cornerstone of all that’s come to pass,
Of talking about it until it became a story,
Never thinking you would actually reappear,
And there you were,
With an X or star,
Waiting to be acknowledged,

And I become paralyzed,
Gone numb with fright,
I never thought I’d feel again,
Reeling among the ashes I swallowed everyday
like a pill,
Yelling for you to go away,
But they say,
First love never dies,
And what a cursed parchment I am,
For having you written all over me,
As my first tale,
Not even scrubbing can take you away,
Just maybe, I can prove this wrong
And be the exceptional case,
Maybe, I can unlove the beast of my creation
And banish you to the tower,
Without regret.
© Soshinie Singh
Author of the Phoenix Letters and the Mist Calling