Unity Abridged: A Sestina

a poem by Soshinie Singh

We crossed the borders, of these foreign lands
Rendered in invisible ink, we erased sorrows,
Signing off in our hearts, a treaty of hope,
This way, venturing this greedy world,
Fabricating along the way a power,
Verifying its existence as we roamed in unity.
The races smile in unity,
As they took onto themselves the forged power,
By welcoming us onto their lands,
Hugging and kissing at our sorrows,
Stripping apart our former world,
Giving birth to our little nest of hope.
With clasped hands around a bonfire, we sang of hope
Strengthening our will, we found existence in this world
Banishing to the flame our final sorrows
As we danced with unity
Upon the cushion – spanned lands
Clutching tightly what we felt in our veins for power.
New forces wore a wicked grin as bullets of power,
Entered the dreamy night, cutting the thread of unity
Wreaking havoc in our airy world,
Erasing memories, replacing with new sparse lands,
We thought we bid farewell to tragedy, but death came for
And our new best friend seemed to be called sorrows.
The red blotted boots stamped sorrows
Onto our foreheads, and spitted fire onto our lands
Overpowering us – the weak, they found their power
As we begged for the heavens for hope
To embrace what was left of us, held together by a filament
of unity
Before we saw crumbles of our world.
Pieces and pieces fell from the sky, our world
Laid at our feet as we were finally drained of hope
As we fell one after the other, our link of unity
Severed with brutality, as the crown found its bullying power
Establishing a mournful sky with dark clouds of sorrows
Raining dread forever onto our lands.
And our light finally faded with a lost unity,
Marrying the promise of our best friend, sorrows
As these reigning sneers cheered after their infant power.

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