Two Poems by Douglas Cole

Thought Experiment

I am painting the door
to the garden
and I am reading
Orizaba Blues beneath
The Buddha fountain

tending to a stomach ulcer
and my tai chi den tien
glowing from the black
hole of several decisions
which means I am
in the basement
refining the invisible hand
reclining on waters of the deep
awake even when I sleep

Sabbatical Under the Bridge

I was once of that heroic voice
bringing heaven to the stones
the beach trembled underfoot
and every step I took
an artifact rattled to the surface
here an arrowhead
there a scraper of hides
squinting in the afternoon light
I saw the tanning racks
and the summer lean-tos
and by some code in the blood
I knew that silver moment
in the angle of light
the cool steel cut of wind
signaling the time
we go back over the hills
to winter homes on the river


Photo by kyler trautner on Unsplash