To Boys with Green Hair

a poem by Arthur Jackson V

I stole morning

For a glass of wine

;I wanted to drown out the sound

I pictured myself a green haired boy

My reflection chimed “you aren’t held in

Passion, fever, or want”

Hiding my insecurities

In a cage fashioned from my ribs

I said “one day you will be worthy”

I still remember the sun

Setting horizon beneath my wrist

That night I huffed

A volcano bottlenecking my throat

When we lei together grapes&weeds

And called them crowns

We adorned our heads

I clasped to clench palms kneading

Their heels to wet eyes

Thinking of He and I

The sky and trees all

Beautiful like the day

We first learned to see

It was The Summer of Love

you told me not to speak

This shows me whether

in lustwords we

Would always be at war

Must a kiss be sent over soot

aimed between us?

A piece of me is lost

It is loaded

And bottled by the wine

Left to puffing cumulus whales along sky

I bend  my neck back

Smoke howls at the moon

I passionned  for your want

You called it starving

We weren’t loving over wargrounds

For sooted kisses

Signals smoked from a volcano

Bottlenecking my throat

I tried to forget you

In sips

You forgot me in hales

We both lost our crowns

wailing under sunset on our backs

In grass that stained our hair

And I became a Banshee

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