I feel tired today. Emotionally exhausted and looking for a source of energy to motivate me. Your smile used to do it. Used to launch me face first into better days. I miss your laughter. High pitched and drawn out and perfect. The kind that made me laugh just because. But because I don’t hear it anymore, I feel tired. Physically this bed is holding me captive and I haven’t had the strength to get up and cut off the alarm and it’s been going off… 7 minutes now and 28, 29, 30 seconds. Maybe it’ll disappear like you did. Maybe I’ll feel more energized if I sleep it off and try it again tomorrow, but I won’t. Because you still won’t be here and tired will become my norm and eventually I’ll adjust and life will go on. Go on a little differently. I miss your scent. How two of my steps always equaled one of yours during our afternoon strolls. Your fingertips up and down my spine for tight hugs. Tired. Missing you. Tired. My energy. Tired. Your always a little off, but sincere advice. Tired. Come back.