Three Poems by EJC


I strengthened muscles for you.
I did everything in my power to make it work out.
I focused on the areas you needed me to.
I gave my all and that’s why it hurts now.
Without you here, I have no idea how to readjust.

I aligned my days so I could give you the energy required.
And now here I am,
At 6 pm,
With nothing to do because this is usually when you’d call.
And at 10 I’m
bored out of my mind
because this is when
Your head would be on my chest
And we’d talk about our stresses.
So when I’m asked how I’m doing,
I actually don’t know…

She Was Mine. I Was Hers and All In Between

I am looking into the eyes of the person who used to be my entire world
And I see darkness.
A never-ending sea of nothingness.
We lost touch.
I failed to assess the areas that were problematic for her.
I crowned myself king for being a decent man,
And found myself dethroned and carried to the gallows.

Five Fifths

You are full.
You are complete.
You are whole.
You are not a cup half full.
You are overflowing.
You are royalty.
You are beautiful.
You are not feared because of your physical capabilities.
You are feared because of all your abilities.
You are strong-minded,
and they’re intimidated.
You are fearless,
So they are fearful.
Your melanin allows you to bathe in the sun.
You and the galaxy are one.
You are intelligent.
You are elegant.
You do not need their approval to be relevant.
Be forgiving.
Be unforgettable.

Photo by Isaiah McClean on Unsplash