This is America…Still – Rico (@panafrico)

the celebration of 

black, bug-eyed 


dancing shirtless with rifles 

floating over their 


necks waving in accordance

with their legs. 

drunk off eight cups

of lead.

cdc recommended 

for niggas. 

even police administered 

via trigger. 

we came a long way

from the river 

Sam Cooke was 

born by. 

oh wait that’s 

a lie. 

cuz the change don’t 

come til after 

we die. 

in the mean time

the hook don’t


get your money

black man. 

but before you 

reach out your hand

remember you are

a walking barcode

waiting to be scanned. 

how much money

do you make rapping and 


and is it worth it

if takes you to 

a place that’s sunken?

i wanna know

how free you

really feel. 

even with a monitor 

wrapped an inch 

above your heel. 

even with a flag 

waving above you 

as you kneel. 

or your children

melting beneath an

officer’s steel. 

just remember. 

this is America.