The Way We Raise Our Children

A child who grows and has difficulty making decisions, is probably a child who got that taken away from him.

I believe there is a choice in the way we raise our children. And one of the most important things we give to them is the freedom of choice.
Our children are either taught from young how to make decisions or they aren’t. Many times the choices are made for them. What results from this? These children often grow not knowing how to make a choice. Many times they go with the flow, or they settle for anything when they are rendered indecisive. And this is never a good thing for they will struggle for a voice in the world which demands them to make choice unlike the child who was taught from young to say what they wanted. Sometimes, we can blame it on being an introvert which makes it difficult to speak up when we’re an adult, but at the end of the day, it is our upbringing which contributes and affects the choices we make.
I am an example of a child, now adult who very much finds it difficult to make a choice, and I wish I was given more room to be more independently me. I wish there was room to speak and not be shut up by a stare for saying a wrong sentence or for not doing the right thing. However, I am learning everyday how to make decisions. I am learning what I should’ve learnt since I was young. But the going isn’t easy, it gets tough because an introvert and empath, I still battle with indecisive moments. And I must say, these moments aren’t comfortable. It’s breaking comfort zones everyday.
By: Soshinie A. Singh, Author of The Phoenix Letters and The Phoenix Letters Return