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The Tide


Hidden in the tide,

Are the eyes

That witness beyond the morality of life,

That store the images of war,

Struggling to attain peace.

Hidden in the tide,

Are the ears

That listen for the call of dawn,

And waits for the sleep of dusk.

Hidden in the tide,

Is the tune

That hums along with the chirps,

A hum,

Only found in the seashells’ wake.

Hidden in the tide,

Are the arms

That stretch for depths

But cannot be reached.

Hidden in the tide,

Are the secrets

Many untold,

Many unwitnessed,

Only but the tide knows,

Only the tide can tell,

Those secrets

Protected by every crash of a wave

The splash!

Of the mighty ocean

Like an enchantment cast upon.

Hidden in the tide

A smile waves goodbye…

© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and the Mist Calling