The Story Goes On

I’ll be patient
I’ll wait
I’ll do whatever it takes
You went that way and I stayed here
But I’ve seen the map, we’ll cross paths again
Until then I’ll
Stay in this land of make believe
Where you didn’t leave
Where next you I still sleep
I don’t know how this story goes
But I know it ends with us happily ever after
Even the most mundane things with you
Are sweeter than any fantasy
I wanna go on but I’m stuck on the page where we first kissed up on that rooftop
I’d say you’re the girl of my dreams
But even she doesn’t compare to you
You are my every wish come true
Every question answered with just one kiss

I’m jealous of the rain that slides down your skin like my lips used to
I’m jealous of the wind that runs through your hair like my hand used to
I’m jealous of the pillow upon which you rest your head when it used to be my chest
The hands on the clock sit still
As I count the moments until the next time
That our story will go on