The Name of Things

Can you feel it?
But, specifically names.
They are full of power.  

It occurred to me that
there is a reasonable explanation
names are doused with secret things,
intimate badges, the color of icebergs–
massive, deep, misunderstood.

There’s no doubt to what
initiated these thoughts.
It began as a little tickle
that transformed into
a grandiose epiphany.

You see, names are the
surprising roar of an
incoming wave that
argues, like seagulls,
rising from the surface.
Their specific history can
be as invasive as specks of
sand between your teeth
or as transparent and unique,
as a memory that has nowhere to hide,
in no way allowed to disappear,
leaving crumbs of longing or joy.

You should never ignore
your soul’s hunger.
Don’t ever feel something
and do nothing,
or it will end up as the
most murderous form of tragedy.




Photo: Lanaya @writing.for.the.calm