The Logorroic

a poem by Stefania Morgante

The Logorroic eats your breakfast
takes over your car
makes you become later comer
when you are punctual.
The Logorroic bites your time
kills your enthusiasm.
The Logorroic makes appear
a wrinkle on your face-in the eyes.
The Logorroic is eager for your lunch and
It removes the sheets and then the bed.
The Logorroic makes you forget your
and why you exist.
The Logorroic lives in your mind
even if you are taciturn
you don’t have friends or many friends.
You would like to shout
You would like to kill it
You would like to rid yourself from him.
But You know that it would always ride
Because the Logorroic is YOU.

*A Logorroic is a verbose person facing hardship.

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