The Hard, the Silly, and the Bloody

The hard hat man doesn’t look up at the stars at night
After work
His head is low and his temper turned against his heart
How the cracks show age, nary any wisdom, in the concrete and crows feet below his once thirsty eyes
What fills his belly pains his nerves if he eats a finely dined meal, so he tears the corner off the plastic, flipping it upside down as gangsters did, shaking cartoon characters for golden coins in a time of inflated significance
There is a cynic eating away at who he is
Chances have negated him or if they fell before him gift wrapped, he’d see them instead with a foot held outright to trip
The hard hat man steps out of his car smelling like a mechanical madman without any sense
And his heart jumps back into his chest at the sight of a beast whose teeth have yet caused red

The silly singer gal has her head up in outer space
This fine morning
Her arms driving up the wall with her eyes yet scouring for brunch
How her callouses show work ethic, nary any talent, all over her parents history and her rhythmic fingertips
What she devours is weakness, putting it to the page, then throwing it away to belt out on stage, expecting awards and panties like the songs say, but instead gets drunken hollers from otherwise gentlemen and scholars
There is a rapid speed at which her soul is aging
Mistakes have kicked in her teeth, painting it with a grin, she spit at the floor, remembering to continue or this is it
The silly singer gal crawled out of her bed tasting like someone named something looking like the devil with a plan
And her soul danced beside her phone as it rang a single incessant sound that sounded only when this person wanted to sink their teeth back in

The bloody hound dog can’t catch a whiff of her owner
Since last second
Her nose kisses the air with tenderness and diligent intent
How her coat betrays the treatment that her life has granted her, nary any shine, from that of her blinded friend
What she senses is food, with a hungry belly, she turns her neck, whining at the sightless stench, running headfirst for companionship
There-there, calms her
Right turn, left, go straight, turn around, push harder, slow, and speed up a bit
The bloody hound dog stumbled out through her adventure, finding a porch all too familiar and barking desperately
And her tail wagged back and forth upon her beloved’s helper popping their head out of the window above, it smacking against all who passed by as she dutifully waited to reunite

The hard hat man heard the bloody hound dog on his way home
The silly singer gal closed the window on the barking madness below
The hard hat man opened the door for the bloody hound dog
The bloody hound dog wagged her tail and ran
She stopped barking
The hard hat man smiled and became inspired
Perhaps it’s time for a friend
The silly singer gal cursed and hung up the phone
The bloody hound dog made way to her best reason to make it home
The hard hat man doesn’t look up at the stars – soon he’ll look down at his pup
The silly singer gal had closure crash land atop her – she heads to work with a new song in her noggin
The bloody hound dog has survived – as have we all
The bloody hound dog never gave up – be hard, be silly, be bloody, but most of all be just because

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