The Distracting Plague of Happiness

How the World Perceives Us: Love in Spite of Life –

Heartache and Dandelions –

Those Eyes Tasting of Melancholy

Cupid was an Early Bird,

Shaking to the Rhythm of Her Being,

The Counterpoint to their Expectations;

Lustful Divinity and Godly Lovemaking –

Free Falling in Pursuit of Perfection –

Screaming a Quiet Goodbye –

His Story in Her Words;

Reactionary Fools,

Mistaking Sanity for Madness: A Hopeless Romance, Indeed –

Neither First Place nor a Finisher –

Myth Making Love at First Sight –

Rejecting One’s Wildest Fantasies –

A Canvas of Unfortunate Perfections: Only Oceans from Completion,

Awakening in the Age of Promiscuity

Eureka! I’ve Lost You,

The Indelible Hummingbird …

Lost in a State of Rebound,

Who Cares about the Sunshine?

Cowards, the Lot of ’em!

Watch as their Noggins Corkscrew,

The Past Catching Up –

A Gift Wrapped in the Present –

He Fears the Flame, that Wildfire,

Rage Presents Little Flattery,

Stunted by Fearlessness,

A Portrait of Herself in Third Person: She is Not for Sale: Soul Full –

What the World has Done to Us,

Completely and Utterly Ourselves

If it Doesn’t Kill You, Why Bother?

Do What Men Do –

Discovering Humanity by Chance –

Feasting Upon Difficulty –

A Wealth of Destined Contradictions;

A Song that Lasted Unforeseeably

And Wasn’t I was Made for You?

The World will Continue to Spin,

We are One, Apart –

The Head Against the Heart –

The Vagabond and the Gypsy –

The Heroine and the Wretch –

The Rain Can’t Change the Sun!

She Found a Good Man,

Crash Landing Atop Eternity,

He Kept Hold of Yesteryear,

We were then Alive and Fictional

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