The Dedication

a poem by  Audreyanna Garrett

I constantly overlooked you, I found time for others and neglected you.  I made mistakes and kept you hidden, when there was no need to.  So, in my efforts to apologize formally, I dedicate this to you.

And I know words on paper could be meaningless to you, but I hope you find solace in my willingness to celebrate you.

I wish that my poetry kisses and bandages your soul.  I long for us to start a new with opportunities to dance under stars, in a world of endless tomorrows.  

I long for your sheer satisfaction, just as wine stained lips after prolonged consumption.

 I crave your forgiveness, because I’m not to proud to admit I’ve taken you forgranted.

I pour out my heart in apologies.  I hope you hear the humility in my words.  I hope you see the genuine acknowledgment of your significance to my world.

I pledge to dedicate my life to ensuring your happiness. For you are the puzzle piece that completes my existence…

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