The Color of Goodbye

And just like that, my life
suddenly seems like
it is not my own.
Your almost-green eyes
stared through me from
a non-existent land,
a dimension I don’t have
the capabilities to reach.
Can I verbalize the color
of your goodbyes?
Is there a shade
to match my pain?
Does a hue of an
explanation exist?  

You’re the green the
color of fading leaves,
I’m the violet you
catch in the breeze–
chilly, precise, unexpected.
I will endlessly marvel
at the way I calibrate
into a new mind
when you are near.
Like a distant voice
from the radio,
you sooth my soul.

But now, I wake up
cradled in a nightmare,
riddled with repetitive,
frightening moments, and
there is only static.
In this reality, no matter
what I am doing,
I can’t possibly think
of anything else.




Photography: Lanaya