The Broken Girl

a poem by Audreyanna Garrett

I was the broken girl.  The one who found her soul in the bottom of the bottle.  The one who found solace in a joint and toxic energy.  The one who aided depression with substance consumed minutes of melancholy.  

I was the broken girl.  The one who blamed life for all peril.  The one who blamed everyone else for all my troubles.  The one who consumed herself with excuses for abuse…

I was broken and exiled to the shadows.  

I never considered a life outside of dark hues, I made due.  I carved a space in my mind to retreat to.  I made memories of love replaying sexual abuse.  I grew up accepting my past and living a life of shamelessness in destitute.  

I was the broken girl, who grew up to be a broken women, in a broken world.  And now I am shunned, shamed and defamed for my journey.  

I am a broken woman, who only knows what it is like to be lonely, while you point your fingers at me.  You blame my history for present deficiencies.  You never even once tried, to help me…

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