Tales from the Inferno: Lost Records

Within the Inferno, I probed further to find a morsel of information unknown to the public and uncover the lost records. Files upon files of her personal affairs lay scattered throughout, not quite guarded, yet crucial all the same. Photos of her family and friends appeared in many of the hundreds of files, mislabeled and filed within another file. A nesting doll of facts I couldn’t wait to sort through. I watched her nephews and nieces grow up before my eyes, her sisters and brothers having fun, her friends on their escapades. To think this dreaded dragon had family was beyond me. They seemed happy and content, unlike my colleagues scorched from her flames―no topical ointment could ever soothe.

She had been in a scandal once, a claim against her honesty. I could believe that, yet the claims were false by a known con-artist, trying to gather his greedy little paws around her treasure. A match made if ever I saw one. Their lawyers did most of the work, while they stood proudly to discredit the other. Emails sent between her friends suggested this little imp was a “naughty boy,” a fitting title. A boy who thought he was a knight tried to conquer the dragon. He lost and died years ago, as the dragon always prevails over souls.

Though, further in my research, I read upon a little lawsuit against her brother, a man quite different from her. More sweet, kinder and feeble unable to care for himself directly due to a childhood illness. A supposed neighbour claimed he assaulted her in the hallway, a queer story seeing as he could barely walk without a cane. Although little emails said a different story. The dragon knew she wanted money from her rich family, yet she had admitted it was possible he could have done something. Illicit scandals in the dragon’s own nest. Despite the armoured scales and sharp claws, she had problems of her own, circling her steaming heart.

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