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“Morning Chat Series” | Season 2, Ep.01: How To Keep Improving

Morning Chat: Season 02!

Whilst going through different changes in life and within herself, Rochelle was having some time, to put out other types of videos, such as reviews on her own previous work and a short film entitled: Tomboy.

She is now back with the second season of her motivational series entitled: Morning Chat.

In this episode, she gives four tips on how to keep improving, that can be used for any chosen creative path, but videography is the main focus.

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Tomboy – Short Film | Rochelle Engwell

Tomboy – Short Film

Tomboy is an original idea that Rochelle came up with, whilst reflecting on her personal life.

She has had “tomboy” moments and has found change in this area, to be difficult to adjust to. It wasn’t until she entered her twenties, that she started to feel more comfortable, with trying out more feminine styles of clothing.

As Rochelle develops as a videographer/filmmaker, she’s currently exploring other areas within this creative path.

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“Morning Chat Series” | Ep.05: Does Gear Matter?

Does Gear Matter?

Gear. Technology. The latest camera, iPhone or even down to our games consoles. We all want the best, but is it really for the best?

In this weeks episode of Morning Chat, Rochelle breaks down why having the best gear in videography (or other creative fields) doesn’t matter.

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“Morning Chat Series” | Ep. 04 – Just Start!

Just Start!

We all procrastinate, especially when it comes to the goals we set ourselves. In this episode of Morning Chat, Rochelle talks about starting a project sooner rather than later and how it can be a benefit.

Starting out can be daunting. When you’re a beginner in your creative field, you want everything to be perfect, the first time you make a project. Even thought it’s not wrong, it can be counterproductive, if things fall apart and they usually do!

There is no perfect time to start. There’s always something bigger or better or a new trend that’s circulating. If we continue putting our dreams on hold, we’ll never reach them.

So start now and reap the benefits later.


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“Morning Chat Series” Ep. 03 – Fear

Ep.03: Fear

In the third episode of this motivational series, Rochelle tackles the subject of fear.

At the time this episode was filmed, Rochelle had a personal experience with fear. Continue reading “Morning Chat Series” Ep. 03 – Fear

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“Morning Chat Series” | Ep.02: Comparisons

“Morning Chat Series” Episode 02: Comparisons

In this, the second week’s episode of “Morning Chat”, Rochelle discusses the topic of comparisons.

As creators, we always seem to find fault with our work! Some of this is due to the comparisons we make. We are so afraid of failing, that we never dare to try!

Rochelle explains that comparisons are damaging to our growth as creators. She adds a simple yet profound statement. She suggests that the only person we should compare ourselves to, is our past self and our own work, not to someone else.

With this series, Rochelle hopes to create a community or even just a discussion, for those who are breaking out of the beginner stage of their chosen creative path.