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Middle Aisles

How am I supposed to rid myself

Of this gnawing in my belly?

The lies that sit there

Will surely eat me from the inside out

The gut is a funny place

It does not like to be empty

Refusing to wait on the truths

That grow slowly in our gardens

Overly full of the easily accessible

Packaged lies

All up ‘n down

The middle aisles
I believe I’ll walk on. See what the end will be.


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She gave away her heart like broken pieces of raw diamond in a jewelry store.  He’d saved up enough over the years to buy the ultra-diamond.  The diamond of all diamonds.  He wasn’t looking for just a piece.  He’d sacrificed long and hard for the whole thing.  She watched him in anticipation as he walked throughout the jewelry store.  Certain that he’d choose the bigger, prettier, unbroken diamond that glittered and shone masterfully.  Wholly.  She was surprised when he picked her up and paid for her outright.  With the contents of his satchel…

Where he kept

All of her



you. you are a diamond. in the rough. but. a diamond. sho-nuf! some. will look at you. seeing only your brokenness. one. thee one. will know your wholeness. giving credit. to what it took. to break you. be a gem.

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Hoop Dreams: Pass the Rock

Hoop dreams surface in the lives of women too. Peering through window {pains} etched with a white square that marks the spot. A net attached to a hole – dream catchers. Wishing on goals. Learning new tricks…to stay ahead of the game…to be picked…First. Round. Draft. Sounding a little like…
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