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They Let the House Burn

They let the house burn

With it holding all of their emotions.

Their love was not predicated

On their fondness for each other

Or lack thereof.

The resentment between them

Started the spark.

The heated arguments they had

Fanned the flame.

The absence of affection toward each other

Spread the fire.

Fire consumed their love

And left it a simmering place of heat

Ready to be ignited again

With a simple look of displeasure

Or word of hostility.

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Generational Curse

She passed them down to her daughter
As if they were precious heirlooms
Carefully tended to and treated well.
Her issues,
Her struggles,
Her sorrows.
She gave them to her daughter
To keep them alive
In order to be passed on
To the next generation.
Her daughter didn’t want them.
She refused to hold onto
And birth them into the future.
So she chose to not inherit her mother’s
She wanted to create her own destiny
Design her own joys
Build her own happiness.
She was tired of the generational curse that sickened her family for centuries.
So she broke it.
And proudly carried her
Into the future.