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The Color of Goodbye

And just like that, my life
suddenly seems like
it is not my own.
Your almost-green eyes
stared through me from
a non-existent land,
a dimension I don’t have
the capabilities to reach.
Can I verbalize the color
of your goodbyes?
Is there a shade
to match my pain?
Does a hue of an
explanation exist?   Continue reading The Color of Goodbye

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Be Present, Stay Wild

Time and its illusion of clockwork.
Perhaps, created to cope with existentialism
Ultimately feeding into consumerism
We appear to connect through a coded probability
Undoubtedly, disconnecting in reality
A species, broken by regression, through technological progression
Resulting in being less organic and more mechanic
Compartmentalizing our thoughts like computerized bots
It’s schematic
When I catch myself clock watching, in worry of time gone too soon,
I get on all fours, arch my back and howl at the dark side of the moon


Photo Credit: Nour

IG: @sparksflyidraw

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Sometimes The Darkness Is Our Lantern


Life experiences encompass of multitudes of trial and error. In this world of growth, we become a speckle, a drop of water which falls from the tap. Sometimes this drop goes straight into the dark tunnel and through to the other side. Or, sometimes, we are that drop which when it reaches to land, deviates away. There are two things that can happen. The drop which takes the path of going through the dark tunnel actually uses this darkness as its lantern. It faces its darkness, both internally and externally and is ready to face the light (at the end of the tunnel) with its own light. But this may not always be the case. This drop may get stuck in the tunnel, and as a consequence may allow the darkness to overwhelm it. What can this do? This can cause the drop to become bitter. In the other scenario of where the drop deviates from the tunnel, it is actually deviating from its darkness, going with the flow. It allows itself to be swept along the current, facing life without actually facing its wrongs. Is this healthy? Of course, it is not. But, it is reality for many to choose the path of ignoring their darkness and refusing change.

Sometimes the darkness is our lantern. But it all depends on how brightly we choose to light this lantern if we choose to light it at all.

Written by: Soshinie Singh