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Two Halves, One Whole by Antonio Palmer

I’ve always believed that every heart is split from creation.
Two halves uniquely different sharing the same journey.

To seek a love of acceptance, because not every heart will open to you.
To seek a love that is patient, for the times you will fall short.

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Two Poems by Greg Bronson

Man for my Man

My mirror isn’t accurate it tells a convenient lie my masculinity in question clothing that makes me hide inside i love him dearly details are kept quiet stares from his girl- searing the soul of my pride she knows not who i am retreat my benefactor performs when shes around my gosh im a good actor until such time that we can kick it be real with our thoughts i’ll continue to long quietly Quiet in my thoughts

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On Origin: Religion and Science

A poem by Michael Demaranville 

God talked to Moses about rolling
Mud dolls to life through the burning
Bush of a smoking-hot redhead.
Fire, volcanic mixing Darwin stirring
Soup, meat stock brew boiling minerals
From soil into fish into monkey into me.

Both too stubborn in belief to see
creation, evolution have more than similarities.

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Two Poems by Evany Martinez

Black Woman 

How do you tell her she’s too loud when you’ve silenced her for Centuries?
Too strong, when she has to work light years ahead of you just to catch up?
Too violent, with your scars etched Into her back?
Too dark, when your spirit is composed of ashes from her ancestors?
Too wild. Too real. Too raw.
That must be why you can only rise if she falls.

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