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For the People Episode 4

On this episode of For The People, we have Genre contributor Christina Marie Watkins! Find on IG @ChristinaMarieWatkins. Aarav and Christina talk about life and art in a way we haven’t on the show yet. Christina is a well-traveled spoken word artist and painter and we discuss art and getting out there! Making and doing with the gifts we have in life. We also dive into how your network shapes your life. How the balance of work and art take place in ones day to day lifestyle to make sure you don’t lose out on your gifts for this world creatively.

For the People Podcast Episode 4

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For the People Episode 3

Photography is capturing a moment and turning it into art. In this episode of For the People, Matt Park @_mttprk discusses this passion and how he finds the opportunity for the image that speaks to him best. Also, how the editing process turns a RAW image into a creative art piece.


For the People Podcast Episode 3

We then move on to discuss with Genre Contributor Shaunteri @shaunteriwrites about her book and Genre experience. Aarav and Shaunteri then dive into what music has now become paired against how we grew up.

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For the People! a podcast

For the People!

a podcast

Why for the people? It should always be about the people.

We want to invite all readers of Genre: Urban Arts to become listeners to a new element of our diverse creative space.

During the podcast, we’ll discuss art in various spaces. Music, poetry, graffiti art, spoken word, amongst other things. We’ll also talk about creating that book, writing that blog post, making that creative outlet, and above all identifying yourself with art and it’s benefits towards a happier life.

We are…

For the People!