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The Billy Conahan Experience Live video at Bowery Poetry Club

If you’re looking to quail your creative fix, here is video from our partners over at Bowery Poetry. If you are in the NYC area, stop over and visit this classy venue. The drinks are great! The talent never fails to impress, and the staff is DOPE. Big ups Heath and Julius.

In the area? View their calendar below.

Bowery Poetry Calendar



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Tequila, Doodles, and Jamiroquai

My alone time is so precious to me. Being able to immerse myself in my solitude and actually find comfort in it is a beautiful thing, I highly suggest it. Add a little bit of tequila and good music and I end up with this doodle.  Yeah, I was pretty tipsy and in the zone having a million thoughts cross my mind, but even with everything that was on my mind I was able to center myself to create. You have no idea how grateful I am to have this creative outlet.

Definitely one of my favorite solo activities, having a drink and drawing as I let go of my long day.


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Marx Solvila’s Black Opium EP

Just in times for Valentine’s Day, Wavie Gang’s Marx Solvila announces the release of his EP “Black Opium” which will be available on all digital outlets February 14, 2018.

Download the album by clicking here.

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Penny with a (w)hole

Sing to me the song your mirror sings
Of copper tones
Flesh and bones
Of spirited, clipped wings
Of vinyl and aluminum
Can you fit your fingers in?
The two holes of the cassette tape?
The rod stem of the woodwinds?
They say a penny with a hole in it
Still plays a tune
If you dare to position your needle
On its bleeding wound
Tell me, do you prefer an audience?
Or an empty room?
Dare to tell them…at the very least
The bullet pierced right through
The music that raised us
Required human touch
Forbidden love…sweaty, gutsy lust
Yeah, sing to me that song
Like only you can
It’s your mirror after all
Your weekend. Your man.
Everyone is sharing this weekend with you
Looks like they’re sharing him too
But they can’t share the whiny croon…
…of the mirror image
That looks back at you
Only your soul
Can sing that tune


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The Abstract Auto-Bio

The Abstract Auto-Bio

The quietest noise I ever made, made a huge impact on paper. Or was the impact felt on canvas? I go in between mediums, like a medium? Okay, so I like double meanings. I am a lover of puns. I wish I could understand the complexities of my own mind. Let us travel into thoughts as they unravel.

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Q: How do you describe your music?

A: This is a really hard question to answer because I still feel like I haven’t found out who I really am yet as an artist. I just dropped this song called “Hell Of A Guy” and I’ve had a few people tell me “Yo, Eli! This is your sound, bro! Stick with this!” But I don’t like to stick to one sound because not only do I feel like people get bored hella’ fast, it also makes me feel uncomfortable; as if I’m not able to express my full ability. At the same time, I want to try to appeal to as many crowds/tastes in music as I possibly can. But to answer the question for right now I guess I would describe my music as versatile since I’m always switching it up and trying new sounds.
Q: What makes you stand out from the other artists in the game right now?
A: I think what makes me stand out from other artists right now, especially in my city, is the fact that I’m not afraid to make myself vulnerable. I have a few songs where I boast, just like every other rapper, but I also have a good collection where I talk about how small I feel sometimes as an artist/person.
Q: What is the hardest thing that you have faced in you music career?
A: Some people might not understand this and might think I sound crazy, but I think the hardest thing for me about being a rapper is being primarily white in a primarily black industry. I feel like people don’t take me seriously enough or underestimate me as an artist sometimes because of my race. But hey, if Logic can make it then why can’t I? I ain’t letting all that bullshit hold me back. I feel like at the end of the day my creativity overcomes all that; fuck a hater! 

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There you are again, surrounding me,
showing up anytime you please.
Everywhere–materializing in the obscure,
bits and pieces of you embedded in the cracks.

There you are in my favorite book,
reading between my lines in a tactile manner.
And there, you’re a lyric of a brilliant song,
singing me everything I need to understand.
Over there. I find you smirking through
the steam of my mug of coffee,
reminding me of your warmth.

I find you in my dreams,
behind my eyelids,
on my skin, in my mouth.
Most of all, you emerge
from my pencil,
and I can’t keep you away.
You have a home on these
pages, spilling out each day,
in shapes and patterns from
the words I write for you.

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Airport Security

Have you ever tasted the potent,
leaden flavor of homesickness?
The smooth, vehement intensity
of the yearning of your soul?
Maybe you can’t describe it.
Maybe, in fact, you can.

For me, it’s reminiscent of
the spoor of a Minotaur
or the ache of that pivotal kiss–
the epiphany that plays on repeat
through my mind, tethered deep.
The song that won’t let me
stop listening, that demands my ear,
pulling me closer, yet, so I’m near
enough to feel the breath
of its words around my neck,
closer still, as the syllables spread,
tentacles spanning wide,
reaching, grazing the side
of my collar, closing in,
abound with everlasting passion.



Photo Credit: Lanaya


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Since You’ve Been Gone

Lying on the carpet

the color deep sea

As my tears fall down my face

I don’t know if it’s from Adele’s angelic voice

or the fact that you’re not here anymore.

So I lie there, and I listen to Adele singing about

my broken heart

and I want to call you,

I want to tell you to come back,

even though I know you’ll hang up on me,

and tell me to move on.

So I listen to Adele

and I cry.




Photo Credit: Jon Bright, Jr.

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Harmony is often associated with music, I decided to switch it up a little. This piece was part of a Global Wordsmith writing challenge on Instagram. The challenge was to use the word body in 8 words. It’s funny how this poem came about actually. I was in the shower and! And thoughts were running through my head, usually when poems start forming in my mind, if I don’t get them down straight away they’re gone forever. However, this time I was lucky. I repeated the words in my head and made sure to remember what order they were in and if I had the correct amount of words. I was not prepared to lose this piece. As soon as I came out of the shower, I found my phone and wrote it down. As long as it was on my phone, it was safe.

I don’t want this piece to be perceived as sexual. There are two types of intimacy, physical and emotional. Our bodies were in harmony emotionally. Whenever we would spend time together, no matter how short the time was, our bodies would just gravitate towards each other. Hands would reach and fingers would intertwine… Okay i feel another poem coming from these words so I’m going to stop right here and see if it amounts to anything. If it does, you’ll know very soon!

Thank you for reading my words guys. I really, really appreciate it.

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I Tried to Write it Away: A Review of Solange Knowles’ A Seat at the Table

By Nakeysha Roberts Washington                        

Editors: Jerod Duris & Shondee Haralson

New music that is as classic and as uplifting as Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is hard to come by. Note that I am not making the comparison between styles of Solange and Ms. Hill, but I am standing ten toes down that I will play A Seat at the Table in constant rotation evermore as I do Tupac, the Fugees and everything Lauryn Hill ever touched. Thanks to Twitter, I have more of an understanding to the woke force Solange actually is, but never did I ever believe I would be making such statements as the aforementioned.

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