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Rico Lowe Jr. (@panafrico) – the message

the message
stale dreams crust over like a syrupy sweet
after all what’s to dream if chance of miracle’s bleak?
what’s to fight- if a man invests fear in defeat
what is love but a curious leap? – off the edge
what’s the purpose of men fighting for peace? –
when its said temp-tation and lust make men weak,
who’s to blame for the blood in the streets?
the hust-ler or the politician giving the speech?
y’all don’t hear me, if the world was to come to an end,
would the poet proceed to narrate with the pen?
doc-ument the event,
how those waves rose over our heads,
swallowed us in a tide- of death
what the may-ans said
does the soul really die in the flesh?
are men capable of righteous steps?
thine eyes have met- too many murders,
not enough sermons,
what else is veiled be-hind my curtains?
you will never know
and i guess thats the lesson of life
stop questioning; start counting blessings tonight,
the man that knows something knows nothing
but even men that know nothing know the feeling of suffering,
life is complicated, search for your vantage
and maybe then we can understand what the plan is,







Photo Credit: Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash

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Blind Faith

We are a group of travelers.
Each speaking a different language,
with the same goal in mind.
Failing to reach the destination
for lack of communication
as we muddle through space and time.

It’s a predictable predicament.
Useless eyes that refuse to see
through the lies. Hopelessly shuffling
towards an edge that leads to our own demise.

At some point in the journey,
an agenda was birthed.
Divide and conquer
was the propaganda.
Unity could no longer be served.

We jump into the void with our blind faith.
Eyes closed. Holding back the crocodile tears.
Failing to hear the message
muffled by the sound whistling in our ears.



Art Credit: Nour