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Queen Day

Personified Flower Fit for A Queen

(queen of the people)


Queen of the damned

baleful, dingy

first name Anne

young and stingy.

Stoic to her thoughts

elated for her desires

has trudged and fought

her share of liars.

Attended many weddings

gawked from the sides

cuddled in different bedding

never a bride.

Spry when she speaks

guides the lost

pities the freaks

never been crossed.

Comfortable on her throne

she’s merry

delves in the unknown

feasting on her red berries.


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I’ve always described it like
time moving too fast and too slow
all at once.
The other day,
it was heavy.
Heavy glass,
where no air could come in.
I was too small to exist,
but too large for my body.
You were windows,
massive windows
leading me through a hallway.
Through a narrow space
on either side,
you provided a pathway for me,
pulling me through the casement.
A relentless cover,
protecting, yet
setting me free.