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Painting life

eye study

I’m not sure if I started this art life at some point or if my life was always like this.

My name is Mayro Toyo, a visual artist. Drawing during my childhood was like a game then becomes a habit that would accompany me for the rest of my life. I always have been curious and would delve into simple things.

Innovating is essential. I work with new materials and techniques frequently; I am in constant development and have a lot of fun in the meantime.

My technique is spontaneous, and the concept is about introversion. It’s alive. I paint mostly people, portraits, identities. It’s human. My art conveys feelings and emotions. I think words are inadequate to explain my art. Art must speak for itself.

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“20/20” Poem by J. Bright Jr.

Light pierces through my pupils

The seeds from which I see

I close my lids

And envision 20/20

Picture perfect

A perfect picture

You and I

Like lens and eye

Like white and dye

Like blue and sky

We subside

And fly

Into the dusk. 


IG: thatguywhowrote

Featured Image: Christopher Buzelli