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No Cream

written by Nakeysha Roberts Washington

First Published in Wisconsin’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction

It is his blackness. He stops at the tables. His deep voice lifts slightly above a whisper, “Sir, do you have some change?” At another table, “Spare change?”

A woman, whose face Time has yet to fissure, poignantly sits. She is regal. Her skin is a creamy caramel. Her hair is a perfectly couiffured pepper gray fro. As he approaches her and presents his request, she stops and grips her face with her left hand, takes a deep sigh while she drags her hand down the length of her face. She opens her momentarily closed eyes as her hand passes them. She turns to him as irritated as I am with his requests. She felt it too. She utters something inaudible. He turns away sans receipt of that which is to deliver his salvation.

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Fashion Can be a Thought: A Conversation with Iman Chanel

We begin the interview with besos at the Colectivo on Humboldt Ave. She is just as beautiful as I remember, I am glad to see her so happy. I admire Iman so much because she just makes it happen. She knew what she wanted before I ever had a chance to help her figure it out. Continue reading Fashion Can be a Thought: A Conversation with Iman Chanel