Super Bag Lady

baby girl…

dump all of that shit out of all of those bags

line those empty bags on the bed of which you sleep

on the bed that you make love on

on the bed you kneel before to pray

undo the seams

whether you choose to cut or tear them is completely up to you

take that golden thread from grandmother’s old sewing box

and arrange a quilt from the pieces of each bag – edge to edge…

end to end

(so many bags!  holding so much shit!)

on really bad days, the quilt will double as your cape

and on cold days, it will warm and soothe you

from the outside in.  from the inside out.

as you make your rounds…  bag-free and fuckin’ shit up

remember that we are made of rare, ancestral cloth and golden seams

…forgo the paper and the plastic


It is not so easy…being golden thread

When everyone expects everything to be so entirely seamless…

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