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Be part of our upcoming flash fiction anthology! Tell us a story in 1000 words or less. Use today’s social issue comment as inspiration.

Social Issue of the Day: INCARCERATION

Comment of the Day:

“It’s an economic situation. If you think about the prison pipeline, the school-to-prison pipeline, all those type of things – at the end of the day, poverty and crime PAYS.”

Background information for this project

A group of residents gathered to discuss social issues affecting their lives and their communities. This was part of an experimental social conversations project and pop-up survey called Soapbox, organized by Still Waters Collective. From these discussions, Genre Urban Arts is partnering with Still Waters Collective to invite all writers to submit flash fiction for an upcoming anthology.

Starting from 1st October 2018, we will share one anonymous response/comment on a social issue daily. We invite writers to submit flash fiction pieces based on the social issue addressed in the comment. The comments we will use to inspire flash fiction stories will cover issues such as Intersectionality, Incarceration, Generations/ Generational gap, Privilege, Mental Health, Sexuality, and Gender.

Twenty different comments will be shared throughout October and November 2018. So, remember to follow Genre: Urban Arts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see our social issue comment post for the day.

To participate, read the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES and tap the Flash Fiction Button to send us your story.