a poem by Tiffany Pennywell

How many times
Have I lost myself
By holding my own blinders
Or letting someone hold them
For me

There have been times
When I did not know
My own identity
And I let myself
Blow casually in the wind
I was so small then
Seeing my worth
In others’ eyes
Instead of my own
And there’s a part of me
That wants to go back in time
And tell myself
That my worth can not be defined
By anyone else but me
But if I turn back time
Would I be who I am today
Would I be worse for wear
Or stronger
It doesn’t matter
For who I am today is stronger
And who I will be tomorrow
Will be even greater

Tiffany Pennywell, a writer from Shreveport, Louisiana, has been writing for hobby and therapy for twenty-one years. She authored a poetry book, “Window to My Soul” that was released in 2012 on Amazon. In 2015, she co-authored a horror erotic book, “Seemingly Strange and Unusual Tales”, with D.L. Holmes.

Twitter: @ebonpinion                             Instagram: @tiffany_pennywell