All too often humans disregard
the strangeness in each other,
toss it on the highway like
a tasteless piece of gum,
useless and burdensome.

But don’t you see?
Humans, by nature,
are amazingly strange.
We constantly try to define normal,
pin it to the wall with the fervor
of a cat in heat, place ourselves
in a category that is safe,
something everyone would approve of

Don’t you see how ludicrous that is?
Who defines normal and how can anyone
ever decide the truth of that classification?
Maybe this makes me the strangest of them all,
but I’d rather live for pure happiness

I’d rather live knowing I’ve not compromised me
for anyone, that I didn’t go against my heart,
my beliefs, what I know to be my truth–
I’d rather have people forsake me than
live falsely because I am trying to live
up to what others expect me to be.