a poem by Tiffany Pennywell

There’s a blue sky
At the end of every storm
So, my Dear
Do you think
That I’m going to be forever down
Bring on the rain
Let the wind lash at me
For it won’t keep me
From moving forward

My life is more than its setbacks
It’s a story
Of how I always overcome them
These scars are my trophies
The hardness in my eyes
Is my constant determination
The only thing
That can keep me down
Is myself
For I am the perfect storm
That leads to great possibility

Tiffany Pennywell, a writer from Shreveport, Louisiana, has been writing for hobby and therapy for twenty-one years. She authored a poetry book, “Window to My Soul” that was released in 2012 on Amazon. In 2015, she co-authored a horror erotic book, “Seemingly Strange and Unusual Tales”, with D.L. Holmes.


Twitter: @ebonpinion                    Instagram: @tiffany_pennywell