Stepping Stones

I have wronged more times than I can remember. But. I have been wronged too. However, I will not blame it on immaturity.

We pry and cry, and at every level, we wish to say were immature. Until after a time it gets old and sounds more like a wailing complaint, an excuse. We’ll forever be immature because maturity does not live to see its grays. Maturity occurs every time we embrace growth, every time we climb onto that roller coaster ride. We have free entry into our themed park, free access to rides we have the liberty of choosing. The most daunting to some is the roller coaster ride, to others it may be the haunted house. But, no matter the ride, we are struck with ups and downs, ins and outs. No one can stop anyone from mocking you and believe me, they will. This is especially so when your strength falters and your feet refuse to move forward. Your stomach may feel sick because of the glue which wishes to spurt from your mouth, sticking you to the floor in shame. Others will hold your hand and rub your back when your breath fails you.

Growth is an everyday gift when you burst the bubble in which you live. The roller coaster ride or the haunted house are like the moon to tell you that no matter what or who you are, you can count on someone being behind you, even if your eyes refuse this optical gift. The light isn’t so bleak, it captures the sun’s luminescence radiantly. Until it radically sings…Mistakes are the stepping stones for Maturity to grace your aging fares.


Written by: Soshinie Singh