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The Phoenix Letters: Letters to My Younger Self

The Phoenix Letters: Letters to My Younger Self is the first 50 installments of letters that are here to remind one of how far she has come,  how much further one has yet to travel and where one is presently.

I believe that there is a very thin line between adolescence and adulthood. Sure, we would like to blame some actions on puberty; however, as we grow we experience different lessons. Being an adult, we have more responsibilities. When it comes to relationships, the bumpy roads experienced in either phase of development are similar. It is when the roadblocks in these relationships occur that our reactions to them uncover the differences in who we are in that moment. We lose friendships, lovers, everyone we categorized as dear, and we may lose them at any stage.  Except, the ways in which we experience these losses may not be the same at one stage in life as in another.

When I began writing the Phoenix Letters, my aim was to keep myself writing and also, to discover how much I have learnt up to this point – my early twenties. As I began staring these letters at first on Instagram and then with my friends, I soon saw the difference they were making in other’s lives as well as my own. So, life happens, and for reasons of wanting to gain a bit of independence, I decided to publish these letters which carry an earthly abstraction depth. Nature has many lessons up its sleeves. Most of which we never really care to pay attention to learning.

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The Mist Calling

The Mist Calling, which is free, is a special collection of micro-poetry to me which comes together to illustrate a larger image. Far too often and far too many times, I have felt that I have been in a fog until clarity finds me. This happens especially with relationships. Hence, the Mist Calling is a compilation of poems about what the mist means to me and the fact, that I know it will always find me at some stage in life.

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Author Soshinie Singh and The Phoenix Letters