Sorrow/ Reflection

Anatomy of a Struggle:

Troubled minds bend to the will of the depravity that captivates them. Years of longing for change, only to replicate those transgressions that torment their soul. Misplaced love, and rage become the soundtracks of our chronic misgivings. Daydreams and nightmares converge and flirt in our tortured souls. The night whispers our worst fears, while the sun shines and whispers those fears away. Poetic epitaphs are etched onto our skin to remind us of emotional victories. All the while the world spins, burns, and poetic epitaphs are all we have to soften the sharpness of life. The young dream of sublime futures, while the old reflect on the scars and the pain of the journey. Our precious moments forgotten in the ruins of our journeyed travels. Once seen through the confluence of naïve eyes, older eyes hope for one last glimmer of the life they’ve left behind. In the end we’re left to search for recompense for a life of wickedly selfish deeds. Redemption, a tremendously burdensome task, lies just outside our outreached grasp. Purity, often depicted as the color of an angelic deity, gives way to a red that is also associated as an angelic deity. . Confounded by the dalliances of life, and even in darkness, we still look for the one that tempts our desire. Bliss, or sorrow, the journey is ours…..

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