Song of Red

a poem by MORGANTE

Red absolute
Red declined
Vermilion retouched
Scarlet sedimented
In your hands terracotta
Rust in your thoughts
Amaranth in your mouth
Burgundy like that journey
Bordeaux was the wine
Juice of alizarin
Carmine that strips on land
Cherry that I gathered
Crimson that hums
A dip in coral
The perfume of the fuchsia
That heat of the chestnut
Full of garnet grains
How wonderful your complexion
Lacquer transparent garanza
The magenta ink of what you wrote
Has calmed the eyes and the cup
of mauve
To short the pomegranate
It will wear of purple

And we will raise the flag of au-

While the cardinal will say yes
in forgiveness
And we will paint with cadmium in
the manner of Matisse With mixed
brushstrokes to Persia
Or color brick , or who knows
In pompeian study
Lit red Valentine
With the memory of that Venetian
And the cottage of wood falun
To eat the crayfish
To know Titian
Adorning our hands of Henne
Fishing the lobster

And placed in the river watermel-
on Hidden azalea Swallowing juice

of raspberry And tomato
We light the fire
To warm the blood
In perfect balance before the

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