“Something New” by Jennifer Cosby

Bombs would go off before I realized
there was something substantial between us.
Most of the time, I am fine with ignoring the tiny
pricks of emotion that attempt to wake me up again.
Happy, sleeping sideways in my queen-sized bed
and making drastic decisions on my own.
For longer than I can remember,
I have picked up the slack in the places
where society expects me to linger.
Supposedly, “ladies wait”–but I can not keep still
and it surprises me that either of us
found a moment to see the other.

You are a wildfire, burning through
this forest of fear and apprehension.
A type of damage inflicted,
that does not completely consume.
We stand on the edge of forever together,
underestimating the importance of this inferno’s truth.
It is an intensity I thought I knew well,
but seems to have reinvented itself
now that I am with you.
Now, the fire melts my notorious facade–
gently remolding the fractures in my heart–
and shaping it into a stronger version,
in spite of its previous misuse.

and New.