Sexual Promiscuity Myths

Let’s be honest…. how many sexual partners constitutes being called a “slut” or a man a “player?”

In doing a little research and “asking around” I discovered that times seem to have totally changed the “norm” on this topic.

When I surveyed people from an “older generation” ages 35-60 they said that more than 2 would be considered a more “sleezy” type of woman.  But that men could sleep with more than 5 women before they were really considered a “player.”  When asked why the women had a lower number most responded with, “that’s just the way it is.  Women shouldn’t be sleeping around if they don’t want to get a bad name.” For men it seems to be considered, “just something men do.”  It seemed that this generation felt men for some reason, had the right to sleep around a bit more to discover what they were really looking for, or what may make them happy in life.

Now for a totally different insight, and I mean totally, I surveyed a younger demographic.  Men and women in age range 18 to 35.  When asked the same question as above:  How many men do you think women can sleep with before they’re considered a “slut?” 90% answered “As many as they want to.”  “Sleeping around, or experimenting sexually doesn’t make women “sluts” or “sleezy” at all.”   “If that makes you happy, then by all means, go for it.  How else will you ever know what type of person makes you happy or does things sexually that you like?” When asked the same question for men, I got almost an identical answer.  “There is no number that makes a man a player.”   The only difference I got on this question was:  “Now if a man is breaking hearts while sleeping around, that’s a different story.”  Leading me to believe that as long as both parties, the woman and the man, know the “deal”, that they’re both just “sleeping around” and that no “serious” relationship is taking place, then there is no harm done.

Obviously times have changed.  I think the “sexual norm” is more an attitude of “do what you feel” instead of years back when it was “you better watch yourself or people will think you’re easy…” ha

However, the one thing that both age demographics and both sexes agreed upon is this:  “It’s not necessarily a number of sexual partners.”  “What truly makes a man a “player” or a woman a “slut” is if they are in a relationship with one partner and are still sleeping around with other people.”  That seemed to not be ok with either generation or sex.