Red Light Special.

Listen to the hum.
The thought of speeding
down a side street
to beat a red light.
The rushing.
The wishing away.
The avoidance.
The fear to face the truth.
The thoughts collected in
the blink of a traffic light.
Recognize your true reflections.

Time is Queen of the Abstract,
that basks in the land of the complex.
She reminds us of how
concrete our days really are.
She implores us to overcome tragedy
and fiercely flick away missteps
in order to navigate through any storm.
She shows us that it takes courage
to live out the life that
you were meant to, a life
you’d be a fool to deny.

And though there are
endless ways to say goodbye,
it is possible to keep walking,
cling to the road that makes sense,
taste the dirt that surrounds your dreams,
breathe in your incalescent wounds,
until you find the path that leads you home.