Red Blossom

A poem by Trixi Rosa

i don’t know
why all the layers
spell dirt
and afraid
and run
find me dust
feel me rust
skin and shiver

see me eyelash
quiet quiver
we so familiar
i wear my bones
on the outside
barely bound by
frayed shoelace
melted plastic
upon sand dune
i do not see a mirage
in this desert
in this desert
i am the mirage
oh so hollow
so hollow i echo
and they
come thirsty
but i grew in open fields
see me breathe hospitable
beg tender
and they bleed generously
red blossom drip drop
drip drop
red blossom drip drop
drip drop
so i sniff copper
like flowers
hope I’ll be different
oxidized green
in bloom


Featured image by Anthony Cantin on Unsplash