a poem by Liala Amin

The final turn on the clock
Winds down, down, down.
And I am alone, immersed in thought.
Reflections and introspections,
Unknowns brought to light.
Dark, cold rooms now aglow in white, warm luster.

What has been gained?
This emerging body, strong and supple.
Freshly birthed from a crumbling shell.
There is a hint of determination
Gleaming in these eyes.
A small ember waiting for the fuel
To start the blaze.

Life keeps moving
Fate inches closer

Turn your heart to the Infinite
And whisper a prayer into heaven. (The antidote)
Trust destiny,
A vast, unending plane leading to the Absolute.
Trust Him, He is the torch lighting the path.

The final match of this year long season
Is extinguished
And now,
Embrace the flame
That engulfs your mind
And wraps your heart in pure light.

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