The Rain Loved My Eyes

After being watered
& held by
the rain for so long,
I wondered if
I would just drown

because I was only
surrounded by the
sounds of oceans
and the pounds of
my chest.

I kept my eyes closed
so they wouldn’t be
exposed to another
possibility of

so I was ready
to unfold in the
wet coldness of my

Then I realized that
it was just the
rain pouring again.

it soaked my lungs,
became my oxygen
and forgave me deeply
with each breath,

it took me hostage
within but then
I said never will
I treat my storm
as a death sentence,

the rain shut my
eyes just to surprise
me with the magic
that we made,

teaching me to form
the curves of rainbows
on faces, showing me
the graces of grays,

teaching me to behave
like thunder, following
every flash of light
because each is a call
to life.

the rain loved my eyes
and I knew it especially
since it’s mist didn’t
dare leave my lids
or lashes

when the sun took its
turn to love on them.